Week Notes: 18

May 25, 2022 22:58 · 292 words · 2 minutes read weekly-reviews

Free And Open Source(FOSS) Work

Grad School

  • This week is study week in preparation for next week’s exams.
  • I’m abit concerned about taking exams next week. I’m physically banned from SU because of my dreadlocks. I’ll reach out to SU admin and see if we can get an examiner that’d be willing to come and invigilate my exams outside SU—the struggle! I wonder: Why do I put up with this?
  • I haven’t been studying this week. I’ve been reacting to some grave personal emergencies in my life that I’m not willing to disclose. I’m fine though.
  • No feedback on some grant proposal—first mention of it is here.

Long Form Reading

  • Made some progress in:
    • “The Blade Itself”
    • “Tiny Habits”

Personal & Miscellaneous

  • Started using qutebrowser for my day-to-day browsing.
  • Stressful problems about transferring money using wise. This is a blocker for many things in my life 😢.
  • Someone dear to me is dealing with a sexual predator. We’ve taken necessary precautions against him. Dude is creepy!
  • Last week I was invited to a birthday event for a dear one at Hero—a comic themed eatery/hotel. The experience was nice, a nice intersection of good food and a comic/hero themed space.
  • Sorted out my payment issues about Scaleway (mentioned here).