Week Notes: 15

May 4, 2022 23:52 · 252 words · 2 minutes read weekly-reviews

New month! This month I want to focus on living a more balanced, mindful and self-aware life. Instead of focusing on things to do, I want to focus more on the behaviours that can get things done; and possibly turn those behaviours into habits.

Free And Open Source(FOSS) Work

  • Finished an submitted my grant-proposal which aligns to GN.
  • Tip for deleting merged branches from Magit: Type: `y y - M y`
  • Some meeting notes here.

Grad School

  • Sat for an exam on some course in Advanced Bio-informatics.
  • Exam month.


  • I made some progress in:
    • “Team of Rivals.”
    • BJ Fogg’s “Tiny Habits.”
    • Harville Hendrix’ “Getting The Love You Want.”

Personal & Miscellaneous

  • There was a 5 day long holiday that started on Friday and lasted upto Tuesday.
  • Finally got around to turning all my app and browser notifications off. I browse the web with JavaScript off. I need to do more work to turn it on. I’m having more sane and peaceful days. ;)
  • I set-up org-citar.
  • Spent some time with family and friends over the weekend with little internet access somewhere in Nakuru. This period was such a “mindful” experience and I came off it well-rested. Getting back to Nairobi was such a hassle! The traffic!!!
  • System upgrade(both Guix and Arch Linux); and my external USB microphone no longer works. :(
  • I resumed meditating every morning.
  • I’m becoming more self-aware as a person.