Sane Way of Handling Dependencies

Feb 20, 2018 00:00 · 143 words · 1 minute read programming javascript

It’s been very busy year this. I’m juggling work(yes I work nowadays), school, and my final year project(some ML stuff). This post is a simple reference for my future self on how to to handle dependencies in a sane way. I noticed that alot of fellas out there barely track dependencies on their project, and this is a very bad idea.

Here’s a list of useful things to run on your root project folder:

  1. Keep track of your currently available packages: npm ls --depth=0
  2. See if you have unused npm depcheck
  3. Check the download statistic of a given dependency to see if it’s heavily used: npm-stat
  4. Check if a dependency has a good, mature version release frequency with a large number of maintainers: npm view <package name>
  5. Check for outdated dependencies: npm outdated. You can check for updates using a tool called npm-check-updates