Things To Look For In Work

Aug 29, 2023 23:49 · 127 words · 1 minute read life-tips life

In the grand scheme of our limited days, a hefty portion is spent grinding. Seems only right to find joy in it, ey? So, what’s the essence of work? Allow me to unveil, drawing from Yass’ wisdom:

First, work on things that will put food on your table. The belly must be filled before you make your move.

Next, work on things that hold the promise of anticipation. Focus on endeavors that fill you with excitement; envision a beacon on the horizon, a spark of yearning.

Thirdly, seek work you can actively contribute to in an impactful way.

Finally, work on things that teach you; let work be an opportunity to learn and grow, with each drop of sweat shaping a chapter etched in your personal experience.