Focus on Improving, Not Perfecting

Aug 30, 2023 00:55 · 220 words · 2 minutes read productivity

In our pursuits, we can tread two distinct paths of the mind: the “be-good” path and the “get-better” path. Picture this: the “be-good” way fixates on showcasing what’s already known, while the “get-better” way immerses in honing skills and forging new ones. It’s akin to yearning to flaunt wisdom versus yearning to amass wisdom.

In the realm of “be-good”, the quest is for instant mastery, an unblemished entrance. Such a stance often leads to covert, constant comparisons with others, a silent measure of one’s stature. Yet, the rough patches sow seeds of doubt, casting shadows upon the very prowess one aims to affirm. This only spawns more agitation, and in the long-run, may prove to be less sustainable. The irony unfolds: the more we worry about the brilliance we project, the more likely we are to stumble into failure.

Now, the “get-better” realm is an alternate canvas. Here, the yardstick is self-comparison: today against yesterday, this month against last, this year against the previous. If ever you find yourself lost in the labyrinth of self-critique or tangled in the web of comparison, pull yourself up and shift the viewpoint. Pose the question: “Am I progressing?” Or delve further: “If not, how might I transform this narrative?” In this sphere, the yoke of stress lightens, and resilience prevails despite any mishaps.