When you feel yourself triggered, follow this simple framework

Apr 2, 2023 01:22 · 144 words · 1 minute read life-tips

[This is from one of James Clear’s newsletter - I can’t recollect which one in particular]

  • Recognize how you’re feeling.
  • Acknowledge you are responsible for how you feel.
  • Allow yourself to feel without blame. Don’t suppress how you feel. Don’t feel guilty about feeling.
  • Take yourself out of your mind and into your body. Ask yourself where you’re feeling it in your body.

You’re not a prisoner of your feelings. When we suppress how we feel, our emotions become a negatively coiled spring waiting to pounce. The smallest disturbance can set the off without warning. When you rehash what happened, you only coil them more. When you blame other people for how you feel, you absolve yourself from something you are responsible for. Instead feel without guilt or shame. It’s ok to feel. Feel it in your body fully and it will pass quickly.