Guiding Questions When Reading

Apr 2, 2023 01:02 · 123 words · 1 minute read reading

Here are some useful set of questions you can ask yourself when reading something:

  • Who is speaking or writing?
  • What is their point of view or perspective?
  • What ideas and information are presented and how were they obtained?
  • Are there unsupported assertions?
  • Are relevant reasons or evidence provided?
  • Is the method used to find the evidence sound? (e.g. with regard to sample size or control group where statistical significance is claimed)
  • Is the evidence correct or valid?
  • What assumptions have been made?
  • What is fact and what is opinion?
  • What are the implicit and explicit values?
  • Are there unreasonable generalisations?
  • What has been omitted?
  • How were the conclusions reached?
  • Are the conclusions reasonable?
  • What other perspectives or points of view could there be?