Reporting Bugs (Getting Help)

Dec 6, 2022 15:21 · 138 words · 1 minute read programming software how-to

[Credits: anthonyexplains #340]

Here are some useful notes on how to report bugs in a useful way:

  • What are you trying to do? Give the maintainers some context by letting them know why.
    • useful to avoid the XY problem - situations where the question is about an end user’s attempted solution (Y) rather than the root problem itself (X).
    • give the other person enough context to help you.
  • Tell them what you did:
    • tell them the versions of the things you’re using.
    • tell them what you ran.
  • Tell them what you expected to see: outputs, side-effects, etc.
  • Tell them what happened: outputs, crash reports etc
  • (Optional) Minimize your reproduction - only mention relevant steps for reproduction:
    • useful to eliminate a lot of noise.
    • narrow to exactly your problem.
  • (Debugging) Dive into the code yourself and report your findings.