Interruptions and Distractions

Aug 29, 2022 11:57 · 152 words · 1 minute read life-tips

Here’s an excerpt from James Clear’s newsletter:

Life presents an endless series of interruptions and distractions.

You will continually be pulled off course or asked to put out a fire created by someone else. People will disrespect your time and steal your attention—usually with no intention of malice, but simply because different people have different priorities.

When your day is interrupted or your progress stalls, it’s easy for your mindset to collapse as well. You may feel guilty for not following through on what you intended to do. But you are not guilty, you are human.

Everyone gets distracted. In many ways, the real divide is between those who get back on track quickly and those who let interruptions expand into longer periods of inactivity.

Top performers get back on track faster than most. This is the skill to develop. You will be interrupted, but you can choose to keep it brief.