Week Notes: 26

Jul 28, 2022 20:23 · 381 words · 2 minutes read weekly-reviews

Here’s an interesting quote I saw from someone’s mail signature:

Disinformation flourishes because many people care deeply about injustice but very few check the facts.

Free and Open Source (FOSS) Work

  • Reviewed and merged #96 - some enhancements with a rust re-write of some correlations work. Not perfect, but it seems to work.
  • Submitted a patchset for parsing some csv files that contain data from experiments. The end-goal is to have a generalized way of inputting this data inside GN2 [lmdb+SQL+RDF]. Initially, a lot of this work had been exploratory; working out what that data means and how typically people in labs collect data and how that fits into the GN2 infrastracture. The reviews - code - were really useful: avoid mutations when you can - let it be a last resort; and some scheme gotchas like use match in favour of car, cdr and friends.
  • I’ve committed to writing GN2/3 (and any other GN-related project) every day and seek feedback. This will help me avoid rabbit holes, and also force me to prioritise what I work on. Over the weekends, I’ll be hacking on write-ups wrt my proposal which is strongly coupled to my work in GN.

Grad School

  • Did and submitted some assignment in good time.
  • Had our last Dissertation Seminars class. Ahead of the class, I handed in my proposal. You can read it here. I’m awaiting feedback for this. I hope to get an official supervisor from Strathmore University soon.

Long Form Reading

Didn’t do any much reading :(

Personal & Miscellaneous

  • In one of my evenings, I got invited to the Nairobi Garage at Karen for an after-office hours hangout. The space is quite huge and scenic. I got to meet interesting people.
  • Went to the Nairobi planetorium with some friends. Afterwards, we hanged out at some Japanese food space.
  • My partner came back from their (Coast) trip.
  • During a dear one’s birthday [after-work/school hours], I went to some joint close the Nairobi Garage. Accidentally bumped into old-school hip-hop and matatu-graffiti artists.