Week Notes: 25

Jul 19, 2022 23:54 · 825 words · 4 minutes read weekly-reviews

Free And Open Source (FOSS) Work

  • I’ve cut down on watching media that’s designed to take advantage of users’ finite attention span. That said, I’ve substituted watching youtube and/or browsing social media with reading Mailing Lists. Whenever I can, I offer suggestions, reviews or even patches. ATM, I’ve been intrigued by the ongoing retbleed discussion in the Linux Kernel mailing lists.
  • I just sent a patch to Arun for some csv parsing work I did. I implemented that with continuations in a very bare-bones way. A better library was recommended: guile-dsv - Delimiter-separated values (DSV) format parser for GNU Guile. I want to send V2 patches with the above changes + some logic for dumping SQL.
  • This week, I want have my SQL patchset reviewed and hopefully reviewed. While the test-window is present, I want to see if I can merge this or at the very least make some progress on it.
  • WRT GN2/3 I reckon I’m well positioned to lead the back-end engineering effort. On that front, over the coming weeks I’ll work out a way to be more aggressive on that front. One thing I’ll do is come up with a plan - that aligns - with my school work on how to go about this.

Grad School

  • I got to hang-out with a class mate where I reviewed some take-away CAT. I learnt some new things and made corrections to my submissions. Got an anime - OT for this section - recommendation: “My Isekai Life.”
  • Last semester’s results have been published in our portal, and I “generally” passed. Only thing that concerns me is that I have a “retake” for one of the units I took last semester. The grades - for this retake - haven’t been published, so this may be a case of missing results. That said, my reaction to this was very “panicky” - an indicator to myself that somewhere inside me, despite alot of effort against it, I still attach alot of value to academic accomplishment at the expense of real intellectual pursuit (see: On learning and being present on further discussion of this, in particular “avatars”.) Also, I noticed that I am cognizant of some “pride” in myself - I think, to some extent, that I’m too “smart” to fail an SU exam. This “pride” stems from a place of “repulsion/hate/anger” of the institution itself since (one of) my first (and memorable) experiences there was some random staff (fashion police) harassing me. I’m proud of myself that I can have these conversations with myself in a very honest way. Humility and honesty are some important qualities I’ve observed in researchers I look upto. I’ve already raised my concerns to the department for them to take action. Also, I’ll try to reach out to the individual lecturer, and find out what/where I did wrong - not to “fix” things, but more for myself to understand what I could have done better.

Long Form Reading

Personal & Miscellaneous

  • I created my very first source hut repository. With time, I intend to move most - if not all - of my repositories from Github to sourcehut.
  • Hanged out with a dear one - they are going through alot - on Friday at some oontz space (Mist). The hangout was something akin to moral/emotional support. In the process, I got to have a random hang-out with some other person. The experience was really nice.
  • Bought an extra - yay! - heater for the host. This cold Nairobi weather can be unbearable at times.
  • On Sunday, I reconnected with an old friend who’s in Germany atm. We caught up on so many fronts.
  • Quality time with my baby sister.
  • My partner went to the Coast. I wish I could join them.
  • Burna Boy dropped a new album: Love, Damini. I generally like it - worth a listen.
  • Replaced my ink cartridge - nowadays I print alot! There was a bit of a hassle where one of the new catridges I bought was damaged. I returned it to the vendor - TBC Sarit Center - and they replaced it without any trouble. Big up to them!
  • Coming weekends, I want to put more time in: nairobilug/bingwa-wa-ufundi: NairobiLUG’s Guix channel.