Week Notes: 24

Jul 14, 2022 23:41 · 626 words · 3 minutes read weekly-reviews

It’s an intensely cold week (hit a low of 13C); the kind of cold that someone whose never lived outside the equator is not used to. How do people survive winter?

Free And Open Source (FOSS) Work

  • Read this paper: FAIR Digital Object Framework Documentation (Working Draft). This has some really nice ideas that are very applicable for GN2 and our work with RDF.
  • I now have a much better understanding of what continuations are. I used to implement some lazy-evaluation during parsing some CSV file.
  • Speaking of CSV files, I’m almost done—been saying that since Monday—with parsing CSV files and dumping them into a SQL file that someone can eyeball. Read more here for some context. I hope to wrap this up tomorrow (syk!).
  • GNU Guix is weaving the concept of “teams” into it’s workflow.
  • I’m getting into the habit of checking up Mailing Lists in my spare time. With time, I hope to (help) move over patches, reviews and discussions of important GN2 work to a mailing list.

Grad School

  • Last semester’s results will be approved by the Exams board (SU) this Friday. This means that results will be published in our student portal next week. Difficult as last semester was, I’m optimistic that I will ace everything.
  • Finished and submitted some take away CAT.

Long Form Reading

  • Made some progress in:
    • SICP.
    • “All About Love” by Bell Hooks.
  • I’ll start reading Git from the Bottom Up and try to make some progress with “Let over lambda” this week.

Personal & Miscellaneous

  • Hanged out in some book club event on Saturday. That session winded up being made a podcast. You can listen in here.
  • On Saturday evening, I hosted the NaiLUG. This was eventful: a couple of hours prior, there was a power outage. As such, I wasn’t even sure whether I could host it. Luckily for me, a couple of minutes before the hang-out began, electricity came back. The damage—to the community—was that I changed the venue from BBB to Jitsi. During the event, I gave an overview of what continuations are. My “call/cc” demo never worked, but my demo on prompts was \m/\m/. However, I reckon I did more harm, by sowing confusion, than good. I reckon I’ll revisit this as a full-blown talk later—I owe that to the guys who showed up. Later, jgart showed up and he demo’ed some packaging to folks who were new to GNU Guix. As people dropped off, we got to talk about pdb and a bunch of other stuff that I won’t get into.
  • My typing (15 mins a day) is starting to pay off. I’m occasionally hitting speeds of 90 WPM at > 98% accuracy. My goal is to consistently hit a speed of 100 WPM as my average speed.
  • I’m getting a TKL mechanical keyboard. For this keyboard, I’ve opted for the cherry MX key-switches. Hopefully, this shipment will arrive with no hassle. I really need to think about getting a new laptop; my current set-up can sometimes be a pain (no working microphone, one damaged USB port, no working extended display, short battery life.)
  • Had a really dope hang-out with my partner where we visited some comic themed restaurant. That was a fun experience where I got to “reset.”