Week Notes: 20

Jun 14, 2022 23:10 · 721 words · 4 minutes read weekly-reviews

On exactly the same day(today), last year, a close friend passed away. Indeed, a sad day for me. But nevertheless, you have to keep moving. [And I quote Logen—First Law Trilogy] “You have to be realistic about these things.”

Free And Open Source(FOSS) Work

  • I gave a presentation based on this about python pdb in last week’s stand-up. This presentation went well.
  • I got stuck trying to learn how to generate an ontology for some tables that contain “case-attributes” for experimental data. Winded up [in a rabbit hole] reading this and this. Also, I got a bit hung up trying to build an ontology “the right way” first using a tool called Protege. Heck, I even fixed some weird display bug in Protege and briefly mentioned it here. I quickly abandoned this strategy: having a working ontology; and adapted a more flexible mind-set of generating RDF ttls first, and finding ways to relate them.
  • At one point, I almost wrote my own code snippets to convert sql data into RDF—was really stumped about how to go about that despite having some interesting ideas. Luckily for me, AI wrote an impressive macro that already does most of the heavy-lifting for me. I spent quite some time understanding how this snip works. This was a time sink, but most definitely worth it!
  • I was able to generate RDF files in turtle format for a particular subset of the data (case-attributes). I noticed that the generated RDF is not valid. I’ll work out “why” later during the week.
  • I have editor access to GN1. Later this week (or the weekend), I’m going to try and fix up some parities between GN1 and GN2.
  • Today, I hacked setting up virtuoso within a GUIX Container; and also successfully ran SPARQL queries using both the web UI and isql. I wasn’t able to upload the aforementioned generated data into Virtuoso. I’ll work on that tomorrow after fixing up the generated turtle files.
  • I noticed some new [minor but welcome] contributions on GN2. Some of them have not been merged. I’ll allocate some time this week to have those merged.
  • This coming month, I’ll be in charge of our issues list.
  • Failing GN2 tests, GN3 mypy and GN3 pylint checkers. I’m thinking of delegating this work to someone. If that’s not feasible, I’ll hack on them myself and track it in our issue tracker.
  • Not sure if I can squeeze this in, but I want to review this and give useful feedback for some on-going project that a team-mate has been working on for some time now.

Grad School

  • We haven’t had any classes this past 1 week. That’s out of the normal. I suspect there’s something outside the purview of us students that’s going down.
  • Rumour’s going around that there may be physical classes—we’ve been having online classes so far.
  • Last module’s results should be out this week, or next week. I’m sure I did well, so I’m not anxious about them.

Long Form Reading

  • Finished reading “Before They Are Hanged” (Book II of the First Law Trilogy) by Joe Abercrombie.
  • Made some progress in: “Getting The Love You Want” by Harville Hendrix

Personal & Miscellaneous

  • I have a bad cold, but I’m fine.
  • I got some old printer. Here is how I configured it. Ink cartridges are pricey woOt!
  • Started a meal plan with a dear one helping me out. I have to work out how to store food in the fridge/freezer in ways that doesn’t inconvenience my house mates.
  • Got around to watching the documentary “Jagged”.
  • Lots of love and support from family and friends. This week is a dark one; and it so happens to be my birthday week. Not in a celebratory mood at all.
  • Fixed some long-running terminal issue.
  • Switched to using modus-vivendi (an in-built GNU Emacs theme). My configs are converging towards a minimal system.
  • I hosted a book club meetup over the weekend. Here were some recommended books/media.