Week Notes: 16

May 11, 2022 13:51 · 469 words · 3 minutes read weekly-reviews

Free And Open Source(FOSS) Work

  • I gave a talk on: “Managing Python Dependencies in GNU Guix” in PyconKE 2022 held at USIU.
  • WRT GeneNetwork:
    • I added some notes on editing case-attributes here after a meeting with Rob. He’ll be going on holiday, and while he’s away, I’ll try to address every thing he raised in collaboration with other researchers.
    • Merged 702, 703, and #705.

Grad School

  • I aced some CAT. Results came out and in the words of said lecturer: “Some gentleman submitted a professionally looking document”. FWIW, I use orgmode and export documents to LaTeX.
  • Submitted, albeit hacky, some CAT solutions for some other unit (group work). This probably requires more work and a re-submission. I doubt I have the energy and mental band-width to make a significant contribution to the group.
  • It’s exam month, so mental note to self: “Hack a way to make revising part of your routine.”
  • Yet another take-away CAT handed out this week.
  • I hate R-Studio. It’s such a pain and hassle to work with in terms of basically installing it in Arch Linux; and making it work in tandem with GNU Guix in it’s package manager capacity. Last week, I spent way too much time trying to configure R-Studio. This was time poorly spent.

Long Form Reading

  • I made some progress in:
    • Harville Hendrix’ “Getting The Love You Want.”
    • BJ Fogg’s “Tiny Habits.”
  • Started reading: “The Blade Itself”.
  • Papers I started reading:
    • Code Staging in GNU Guix by Ludovic Courtés.
    • Functional Package Management with Guix by Ludovic Courtés.
    • What Every Programmer Should Know About Memory by Ulrich Drepper.

Personal & Miscellaneous

  • I finally got around to deleting my Facebook account! Now, the only social media site I sparsely use is Twitter. Also, I’ve switched off mobile notifications for almost all of my apps on my android device. I genuinely believe that social media is bad for one’s mental health.
  • I bought a squish ball and a “spinner” toy :)
  • Learnt how to use Emacs Embark.
  • Bought some art supplies; I intend to start sketching and painting.
  • I’m becoming better at managing my inner self; and also generally doing meaningful tasks, be they personal or (FOSS) work-related.,
  • I’m happy that I’ve been consistently meditating.
  • I installed qutebrowser as an alternative to Nyxt and Firefox. I’m still learning how to use it.
  • I set up Emms.
  • Watched the docu-series: “Why We Hate”.