Week Notes: 10

Mar 30, 2022 10:50 · 497 words · 3 minutes read weekly-reviews

Free And Open Source(FOSS) Work

  • Fixed pylint errors in: #88.
  • I tried having pytest run in genenetwork2. Unfortunately, at the moment, we’d have to re-write how flask is run in order to use it– a non-trivial task.
  • I created a transient UI for tissue, our issues tracker. This needs more work. Track the progress here.
  • I’ve made a commitment [​_to myself_​] to exclusively use tissue and our issues tracker for all genenetwork-related work.

Grad School

  • Computed– in R– the MLE (Most Likely Estimator) of the Gamma distribution using the Newton-Raphson method.
  • I did a short presentation of my dissertation proposal. I will apply for a grant for this work.
  • After an upgrade of my system (both GNU Guix and Arch Linux), R-Studio no longer worked. A fix was to run R-Studio with the --no-sandbox flag.
  • Hanged out with someone from my syndicate group. I taught him some Functional Programming basics in a bid to clarify [​_to him_​] some assignment our group submitted that week.


  • Made some progress with: “The Sense of Style” by Steven Pinker.
  • Started: “Surrounded by psychopaths” by Thomas Erikson

Personal & Miscellaneous

  • Important: I’m dropping my English name, Bonface. Please call me Munyoki.
  • Health-wise, I’m on my path to full recovery. Only concerning thing [​_to me_​] is that I’ve lost weight. I can attribute this to my poor eating habits.
  • I started planning my day in chunks. Every hour in my day has a slot allocated to something. This system is adaptive and every thing is neatly set up in my Bullet Journal. However, I haven’t been consistent with this.
  • I aimed to start writing more articles in a week. To make this work in a consistent manner, I would have to create a system for this.
  • I [finally] got flatpak working. I aim to eventually run every non-free binary inside flatpak. I want my system, with the exception of binary blobs in the GNU/Linux kernel, to be free from proprietary programs.
  • The Nairobi Garage has become noisy. I have to put on nature music on my head-set to work whenever I go to that space.
  • Here are some e-book readers you can write on with a stylus that my older sibling recommended: Remarkable and Super Note.
  • Relationship problems; nothing much to say here other than: If we work through this, we will become a stronger couple; if we don’t, we’ll break up. This is personal territory I’m working on, and therefore I shall leave it at that.
  • My cursive has become snappier.
  • Random hang-out with the guys from the NAILUG.