Week Notes: 7

Mar 8, 2022 20:55 · 458 words · 3 minutes read weekly-reviews

A new month: May!

Free And Open Source(FOSS) Work

  • Inserting and deleting case-attribute data for phenotypes work well. I added unit tests for those. You can see them here. The only thing remaining is to add “edits” and this PR is good for merging!
  • Reviewed #81, #676, #671, #679 and #79.
  • Had Alex look at Bug #677.
  • Discussed some safari bug about some twitter feed that isn’t reproducible.
  • A meeting over the weekend with some of my colleagues to discuss a new feature; when updating data, other data needs to be automatically updated. At the moment, this is done manually.

Grad School

  • Finished my personal dissertation paper proposal for my first semester. The title is: “Extending Emacs Espeak to Recognise Voice Signatures”. I submitted it one week late. Better late than never. Also, worth noting that this isn’t something I’d work on. My dissertation interests are in Genenetwork, and graph databases. I’ll start working on this some time this week.
  • Recommended reading in no particular order: Chapter 2 of “Probability & Statistics with R for Engineers and Scientists” by Michael Akritas; and Chapter 2 of “In All Likelihood: Statistical Modelling And Inference Using Likelihood” by Yudi Pawitan.

Long Form Reading

  • More progress with “Bad Science”. I may finish this book this week, or sometime in the next week.

Personal & Miscellaneous

  • Russia got cancelled by many countries and institutions over the Russia – Ukraine conflict.
  • I went to my ophthalmologist to for him to check my puffy eyes (see my entry in # Week 6). He gave me some medication for that: antibiotics (arithromycin) and three eye-drops. The situation improved. However, I got cracked lips and red patches on my skin, a possible side effect of arithromycin; if it persists, I’ll check myself in to the hospital.
  • Looked for someone to tag along in some game-drive over the weekend. Dan was gracious enough to accept a last-minute invite.
  • There was another outage that lasted half the day.
  • Collected all my bullet journals and labelled them.
  • My first bullet journal of the year was about to run out. It will run out this week. I’ve decided to start maintaining a separate “reading journal” so that my main journal can last longer.
  • Renewed my domain.
  • My 11 y/o sister came over. She’ll be staying with us for the next seven weeks.
  • Hanged out with a dear one over the weekend. What made this interesting was that this is the first time this year. Later, I went to another hang-out in Langata. I’m realising that social events are a healthy way for me to unwind my week.