Week Notes: 5

Feb 21, 2022 21:28 · 397 words · 2 minutes read weekly-reviews

Most things are not as difficult as they seem if you focus each day. However, giving one topic your full attention for an extended period of time is even harder than it seems. Over a long timeline, the bottleneck is usually attention, not ability.

Free And Open Source(FOSS) Work

  • Open Question: how can you capture changes in MariaDb programmatically?
  • Read up on EdgeDB 1.0 and came up with a rough outline of how to go about testing it’s performance against Virtuoso and MariaDB for graph-like data.
  • Online Guix Day Conference 2022 happened over the weekend! Full talks here. I want to be more active both in the whereiseveryone and Guix communities.
  • For Genenetwork2 work, I can now successfully export case attribute date if they exist. See the draft PR here. In the process, I fixed an unnoticed bug where duplicate entries were being fetched. Queries dropped from ~16s to less than 1s! This week I want to extend that PR to have edits, deletions and insertions and hopefully have people test it out by Friday.
  • Conversations with Jonathan McHugh on knowledge management on Gemini, in addition to other personal conversation. This coming weeks I want to spare consistent hours a week to just work on some gemini stuff. I’ll define “stuff” as time goes by.
  • I added org-time-budgets; so now major tags in my org file have time budgets per week. A nice simple bar appears in my org agenda. I had to trim down my org-file to make my agenda generation faster.

Grad School

  • Made significant strides in group term paper.
  • School work. Not much to say about this.

Long Form Reading

  • Some progress in: “Bad Science”
  • Finished the Manhwa: Solo-levelling! I strongly recommend this.
  • Started the manga: “Sakamoto Days”.

Personal & Miscellaneous

  • Found out I’m pre-diabetic. Reversible; so I have to change my life-style: mindful eating and exercise. This really threw me off a bit work-wise.
  • Started jogging in the mornings.
  • Bought myself a fancy fountain pen(I journal a lot(!) in cursive). Bad decision this one. The pen is heavy and slippery to the touch. Also, it doesn’t seem to ink well with Pelican 4001 “Brilliant Schwarz Brilliant Black”.