Week Notes: 1

Jan 24, 2022 07:34 · 505 words · 3 minutes read weekly-reviews

Free And Open Source(FOSS) Work

  • I added some “README” to some school project which involves investigating body weight across several months of collected data. You can read more about it here. This should be updated to genenetwork’s list of jupyter notebooks that are self-hosted in some guix containers (I’ll follow up with jgarte on that regard).
  • Gave feedback on some Quality Control app for genenetwork. My biggest concerns (no detailed explanations for now) were:
    • Reducing (or altogether removing) the “util.py” file.
    • Modularising the code for more re-use
  • There has been some progress by the gn2 team on self-hosting CI/ CD. Some of the notes are here. I am yet to catch up with this work.
  • Reviewed some PRs.
  • Tried to catch up with a tonne of e-mail (notmuch is really useful for this kind of stuff).
  • jgarte had a proposal to demo git rebase. I’ll try to create a slot for that this week.

Grad School

  • I sat and made my final preparations for 3 papers:

    • Principles Of Data Science (PDS)
    • Optimisation for Data Science (ODS)
    • Time Series And Forecasting (TSAF)
  • My exam was proctored at the office; since I am banned from campus because of my 3y+ dreadlocks which is banned (for males) en-campus. The proctoring experience was really nice.


  • A bit of Progress with “How to Read A Book”.
  • I should consider replacing my “Kobo” with a “Kindle”. The user experience on Kobo is flaky.
  • Skimmed “Hands-On Data Analysis With Pandas” 2nd Ed. I realise I’m green with pandas, but I’m not sure if it’s something I’d like to be good at ;)

Personal & Miscellaneous

  • Updated my keyboard layout for my TTY sessions to use Dvorak-p. Read more here.
  • Renewed my FastMail subscription for this coming year.
  • Paid my older sibling amounts owed on ledger. I need to balance my ledger some time this coming week.
  • Accompanied my partner for some eye check-up.
  • Used the Cornell Note Taking System in my Bullet Journal while revising for my finals. I’ll do more of this.
  • Finished watching Marvel’s “What If…” during one of my day’s wind-ups.
  • Watched the 2 episodes of “Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja”.
  • Went to some event my friend was organising on Saturday night to offer a shoulder of support for his endeavour. Empty, but nice set of DJs.
  • Got sick(annoying cough that prevented me from sleeping well). Doctors say it’s a mixture of an allergic reaction; and a “light” infection. Got some medication for that.
  • Some nice quote my partner shared with me:

    Psychology studies show that when participants are given something new to learn, focusing on the journey rather than the outcome appears to improve both enjoyment and attention, two things associated with high-quality learning. If you find yourself framing learning as a burdensome investment that pays off later, try to flip your thinking and focus on enjoying the learning itself, right now.

    – Levy Hamukoto