Uncomfortable Truths

Nov 7, 2020 23:43 · 221 words · 2 minutes read life philosophy

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  • Some people will never love you regardless of what you do; and some people will always love you regardless of what you do.

  • Every single person you love will die; or you die first.

  • Most people don’t know you exist and don’t care about you.

  • There are many hard-working, talented people who still fail.

  • Looks, money, and luck matter— way more than what most people think.

  • It doesn’t matter how much you learn; you will never feel ready.

  • Not everyone is capable of changing.

  • School was never meant to teach independent thinking.

  • The people you attract(or don’t attract) reflect you vibes.

  • Many people will never experience true love.

  • Many people will never notice their societal conditioning; and will never understand what they truly want.

  • Smart people figure out inner peace.

  • Most problems are avoidable with longer-term thinking.

  • You truly appreciate life only after you almost die.

  • People who hurt you the most are those you love.

  • Some mistakes are irreversible; You have to learn to live with them.

  • Time to train and compound talent is a financial privilege.

  • No one cares about your opinion unless you show results.

  • You don’t know how important it is until you lose it.

  • It’s not lack of talent that encourages inaction; It’s fear of making sacrifices.

  • You have less time than you think.