Switching to Programmer's Dvorak

Dec 16, 2018 09:25 · 195 words · 1 minute read technology

I’m tired of trying to do something worthwhile for the human race, they simply don’t want to change!

– Dr. August Dvorak

Three weeks ago, I decided to switch from the QWERTY keyboard layout to the Programmer Dvorak keyboard layout. This layout is a modification of the Dvorak keyboard layout which moves the characters that programmers usually need to the fingers1. My boss’ insistence on this layout’s efficiency inspired me to try out the layout.

So far(this is my third week), I’m okay with the switch. I have had to practice how to touch type using a typing tutor from some online resource. At first, the switch was frustrating and confusing, but after a while, my fingers got used to the new layout. Another side effect of adapting this keyboard layout is that it has made my machine really hard to use for people who use the QWERTY layout. Anytime a random person tries to type something on my machine, they inadvertently type gibberish.

For anyone interested in learning Dvorak’s history, look at this zine. This zine does a great job in explaining the history of both QWERTY and the Dvorak keyboard layout.