Debricking Kindle 4NT part II

Jul 6, 2017 07:28 · 228 words · 2 minutes read Hardware & Gadgets

Definitions: Kindle 4 is also known as K4NT, K4 Non-Touch, K4S(silver) of K4B(black). The words debrick and debricking can also be called unbrick, unbricking, recover, recovery, repair, repairing, restore, restoring, restoration, or brick fix.

Well, good news! I’ve recovered my goddamn kindle. My brother deserves a huge credit for this though. I had plugged my kindle in his wall socket(in his room). Dude just came back from work last night and started diagnosing the hell out of it. All I did was run some diagnostic tool :)

Anyway, here’s what we did(for anyone who might run into the same problems).

First, enter bootmode by:

  1. Plugging the kindle to your computer via a USB cable.
  2. Long pressing the power button(about 20 seconds) until the kindle 4NT turns off.
  3. Long pressing the 5-way button down.

Next, download the diags_kernel from this link. Unzip the file and run:

# replace the <unzippedfile> with the name of
# the file you unzipped
sudo ./fastboot flash diags <unzippedfile>.img
sudo ./fastboot setvar bootmode diags
sudo ./fastboot reboot

After following the above mentioned steps, my kindle rebooted to a grey/ black screen. I then used MfgTool to recover my kindle. From MfgTool, I selected the main bootmode profile from the drop-down menu then clicked on the start button in the UI. That did it for me. The kindle booted normally after this.

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