Debricking Kindle 4NT part I

Jul 5, 2017 13:12 · 169 words · 1 minute read Hardware & Gadgets

I recently bought a kindle 4 from my older brother’s acquaintance. I got it for a very fair price and it was in good condition. Me being me, the first thing I wanted to do was to jailbreak the thing and install KUAL(Kindle Unified Application Launcher). Well, I followed the instructions outlined here. Unfortunately for me, something went wrong. I’ve been stuck in the “System Diags” screen for a while now. I’ve tried hard resetting it to no avail. My device is bricked. This is very frustrating. I’m in the process of debricking the goddamn thing. Right now, before I attempt any debricking techniques, I’m charging my battery on a wall charger(I’ll leave my kindle there for about 20 hours). Perhaps my battery has been discharged so badly that it can only be charged slowly (20 hour charge curve). I really hope the battery’s the problem; that’ll save me shit loads of time. If the battery’s not the problem, I’ll follow along with this and see how things go.