Head First C- A Review

May 5, 2017 11:54 · 139 words · 1 minute read reviews programming

I began reading Head First C after being exposed to Head First Design Patterns. For me, this was brushing up on my C in addition to learning some new stuff related with C(like threads!). If you are one of those people who hate a lot of stories and nonsensical stuff in technical books, this book ain’t for you. It’s full of those. They even have some really weird pictures going on.

This is the first “technical” book that made me laugh. I found it easy to read. I had to refactor some of the code examples(like RSS.py or something like that) to work with my box.

The main goal of this book was teach learning in an easy way that’s easy to understand. For me, I felt that they achieved this goal. You can find my code snippets here.