[Not so]Intelligent Rumblings I

Mar 31, 2017 20:18 · 222 words · 2 minutes read random

My life nowadays has been revolving around anime[Naruto Shipuuden], building a couple of websites[alone], SICP[amazing!] and spending time with my sister. I weirdly feel like a zombie, walking along some path with rotten grey matter sticking out of my head and occasionally rumbling some incoherent words to myself.

Anyway, today I felt kinda enlightened going through my quora feed. Some of the answers ninjas out there give are truly amazing. One of these went something like this:

Question: I’ve tried reading technical books and I never seem to make decent progress. How do you read technical books?

I found one of the answers particularly enlightening because I’ve made it my mission to read a couple of some very technical books. Here’s what I picked up from that answer. For one, reading a technical book should be a conversation with the author. You read the book[or section] trying to prove or disprove some knowledge of the given topic at hand. All this is done in order to try to understand the content. Most of us try to read technical books with the [subconscious] aim of remembering the content. Well, don’t try to remember, but to try understand; When you understand, you will automatically remember. That last bit is some random quote quote from Elon Musk[on Reddit].

Well, that’s it for today I guess.