Mar 4, 2017 19:34 · 383 words · 2 minutes read life philosophy

Yesterday was a random meet-up with ninjas I studied with at primary school(a long time ago). It was interesting meeting a diverse group of people over at some great coffee place that unfortunately had some not-so-good fries. Anyway, we got to talk about shit loads of stuff, ranging from dissecting[the med ninjette around] people[creepy w00t! ], making meth[actually paracetemal to be on point] to back-in-the-day crushes. This last part is the subject of this very article.

Why are we attracted to the people we are attracted to?

Well, I cannot speak for other ninjas out there, but I can however speak for myself. Being an engineering nerd, I kinda know what I’m attracted to. Heck, I can even python the shit out of it.

There are different facets to a person. Here’s my opinion of what they are: physical appearance, emotional character, mental character and finally, religious character. I really honestly don’t give a hoot about that last bit. I’m kinda still finding myself there.

Here’s how a tree of how I imagine it to be:

    └── human
        ├── emotional
        │   ├── beauty
        │   └── strength
        ├── mental
        │   ├── beauty
        │   └── strength
        ├── physical
        │   ├── beauty
        │   └── strength
        └── religious
            └── ?

So yeah, it boils down to beauty and strength. Sounds weird AF.

Lemme elaborate.

Don’t take beauty and strength in their cononical sense. There’s nothing wrong in lifting 70 Kilos or having some killer physique[that’d make me switch Emacs to Vim, just for you Lol]. What I mean is something less shallower, more deeper, and applied to each of the qualities.

So, physical strength and beauty, mental strength and beauty, emotional strength and beauty.

Physical strength isn’t just how “strong” you are. It is not just some photo. It’s how you carry yourself. Physical beauty is in the sincerity in your appearance. That pride in how you look. It’s style and fire and expression.

Mental strength is intelligence as well as problem solving. Mental beauty is philosophy and wisdom.

Emotional strength is the ability to hold under pressure. Emotional beauty is giving enough fucks[where they are needed]. Caring. Having a soft heart.

Yea, that’s it.

Now if only I could google all of humanity for these things. I’d probably press “I’m feeling lucky” … Lol