Awinja Guitar Cover

Feb 24, 2017 19:07 · 170 words · 1 minute read guitar music

I’ve kinda always told myself that I would be uploading YouTube videos as regularly as I could. Well that never really happened, until today. I randomly woke up and felt like uploading one, which I did. A cover of Sauti Sol’s song- Awinja. You can find it here. For this video I used, Cheese[some Linux webcam software], a C1U behringer microphone and the inbuilt laptop webcam[forgive the quality].

[Edit: The audio’s really crappy. I’ll do a better job on my next video]

Why this song? Well, for one, it’s not because of the lovey dovey mapenzi innuendo it carries. It’s because of how it’s played. Polycarp(the Sauti Sol Guitarist) uses african picking. African picking is where you use the thumb and the first finger[only] to generate some really cool sounds. That’s why I love this song. It sounds really nice and has some chill African vibes[according to me] in it.

I figure I will be uploading more videos[not limited to music]. I really hope I can keep this going :)