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tl;dr: I love making cool stuff, reading books, competitive swimming, watching anime(The Sharingan is my favicon), and playing the guitar. Oh, I love GNU/ Linux, GNU Emacs and free(as in GNU free) software. [Fully recovered] typography nerd. I’m also a wannabe Saitama Sensei[One Punch man!] in my spare time.

About me

Well, I consider myself a master[Sensei] in the Art of Anything(Yes, I mastered AA). I do anything I find cool. Such things have included electronics, random coding stints, the guitar, books[Yes, books are cool] and swimming[nothing like a 50 fly]. I preach Emacs[I use it for everything] and I’m a Linux enthusiast.

Reach out

Should you feel like you have to communicate to me, please do so by mailing me at: me[at]bonfacemunyoki[dot]com \m/\m/. You can also DM on Mastodon